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CBD - Which one and for what problems?

CBD or hemp oil is being touted for so many things. And it is effective at treating many conditions such as pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and others. But other uses are questionable such as cancer and curing diseases

Mar 04
CBD questions

After our last post, we have received countless questions about how to chose a CBD or hemp oil and which problems/diseases that it may help. I have read and heard many false claims on efficacy of CBD that are potentially dangerous. On top of that, I have heard that people are getting daily emails and phone calls from companies that are selling CBD, leading to questions of how to detemine quality.

First, let me be clear that legal CBD oil comes from the hemp plant so you may see the name CBD or hemp oil. The most effective CBD oils are full spectrum CBD and not isolates. It should contain CBD as well as CBG, CBN, CBCV, and terpenoids. Which ones are most critical? We really don't know. We just know that having each of them contributes to a greater effectiveness through the "entourage effect". If the CBD oil is extracted from anything other than the whole plant (seeds, leaves, stems), you are missing some of the critical components. If it is an isolate, it is missing the entourage effect. You may have heard that the FDA approved a CBD for epillepsy. However, this CBD medication is an isolate so it will probably not have an effect on pain or mood. And if a chemical extraction is used, you are impacting the quality of these compounds and introducing a potential toxin from the extraction process. So again, make sure that it is extracted through the more costly CO2 extraction method.  The CBD extract should be placed in a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to protect it, allow for better absorption, and perhaps have an additive health benefit. 

I have read many anecdotal reports that CBD will treat cancer, cure multiple sclerosis or arthritis. There is evidence that CBD will help treat pain associated with cancer, often if conjuction with opioids. There are studies showing an additive effect for pain without a greater risk of side effects from the opioid.  There is also evidence that it will help treat inflammation and pain associated with osteoarthritis but not as great an effect on rheumatoid arthritis. And CBD has been shown to reduce the muscle spasticity in multiple sclerosis but won't treat the disease or reduce number of lesions in the brain.  The endocannabinoid system (which includes CB1 and CB2 receptors, which is where CBD binds and has its effects) modulates nerve pathways, including pain and mood, as well as inflammation.  That is why it has had such a benefit in treating pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and others. But don't fall for the "snake oil" trap that it will work for everything.

CBD oil is a great natural supplement and is effective when dose appropriately and when exceptional products are used. As I mentieond before, ask for a certificate of analysis (CoA). Make sure that the CBD is a full spectrum CBD and has an MCT oil carrier as well as CO2 extraction. Please feel free to stop in or call Mint Hill Pharmacy if you have any questions. Our knowledgable for pharmacists and staff will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. And feel free to ask about how CBD has or has not helped our patients!

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