Apr 25
GERD...or Reflux...Or Heartburn - What can I do to stop that pain?

Over $45 billion is spent annually to treat gastroesphageal reflux disease (GERD). But these medications may be hurting more than helping. So what can you do to stop that burning pain? Read on to find out more.

Feb 21
Magnesium : The SuperNutrient

Magnesium is found in many foods but most people still don't get enough. Medical research now shows how critical magnesium is for many bodily functions. Click on the arrow or link above to see which magnesium supplements are best and how much magnesium that you need?

Aug 23
Concussions and Omega-3

Concussions are hard to treat. We use pain medicine for the headaches, antidepressants for mood changes, and meclizine for dizziness. But this isn't a cure...just treating symptoms. Read on to see the evidence of omega-3 fatty acids to prevent the symptoms - treating the concussions!

Mar 10
Probiotics for allergies

Probiotics have been shown to improve allergy symptoms. High quality, refrigerated probiotics are the only useful probiotics!

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