Mar 04
CBD questions

I have seen and heard claims for CBD curing multiple sclerosis, cancer, dementia, and more. Evidence does show that it helps some conditions but it is not curative! Find out what to look for in your CBD oil and if it may help you.

Feb 21
Cannabidiol oil - how it can help you

CBD is being used to treat pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, muscle spasticity, and more. There is growing evidence of the effectiveness of cannabidiol but there is also a lot of misinformation in the public. Find out if cannabidiol is right for you.

Aug 14
Arnica; "Patron Saint of Muscles & Bruises"

Arnica is a European flower that has been used for centuries for pain in joints and muscles as well as bruising but there have been no studies examining how effective it is. Studies have now been finished looking at arnica for pain. So is it effective and is it right for you?

May 02
Boron - for you bones and more

Boron is an important mineral for bone health but can also improve hormone and vitamin D production. A good calcium supplement should contain boron and other essential nutrients for good bone health.

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