Jul 17
Free children's vitamin program at Mint Hill Pharmacy

All parents want the best for their child and strive daily to provide for them. Of course for proper physical and mental growth, proper nutrition is important. For some, that means making sure that a multiple vitamin is included every day. Which vitamin is best for your child and which should you avoid?

Jul 13
Are you taking a probiotic? Should you be taking one?

Since the mid-1990's, scientists have studied the benefits of probiotics. Probiotics were first used to prevent serious stomach infections like clostridium difficile (c diff) when taking an antibiotic. But evidence now shows that they are great at helping with other stomach issues and many other problems.

Jul 06
Sunscreen Part III

In part 3 of this three-part series on sunscreen, the pharmacist at Mint Hill Pharmacy will discuss the different formulations of sunscreen will help you determine which sunscreen is best for you – whether it is a lotion, a gel, or a spray – and will explain how it should be applied and how frequently.

Jul 01
Which sunscreen is right for you? Part II

SPF is the number that is always thrown out but what does it mean? Which one should you be using? Are there other ways to protect yourself from sun damage?

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