Jun 30
Biotin - another vitamin B

Biotin is often used to improve the quality, texture, and luster of hair and nails. However, studies are showing that it is also beneficial in other things as well....diseases like diabetes!

Apr 01
PBM's exposed

PBMs are now known to be a primary culprit of the rising costs of prescriptions in the US. And now the Congress and Senate are investigating to get to the bottom of their tactics and prevent their deceitful practices from continuing.

Mar 10
Probiotics for allergies

Probiotics have been shown to improve allergy symptoms. High quality, refrigerated probiotics are the only useful probiotics!

Mar 05
Vitamin B-12

Do you ever feel that you don't have enough energy? Do you have numbness and tingling in your hands and feet? Do you have unexplained pains? It may be that you are low in vitamin B-12. Click on the arrow above for more information!

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